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2's Investigators

Day(s) of the Week: Thursday & Friday  

Time: 8:45-11:15am

Age: 2 years by August 31st 

Maximum Class Size: 12 children 

2 co-teachers & an assistant teacher

WPSN is pleased to offer a program for young two year olds. As both a drop off class AND a transition class, the Young Twos Investigators program is customized to the individual needs of each child.

For children who are ready to be dropped off, Young Twos Investigators is a drop off program starting the first day. For children who may need more time, the program invites parents or caregivers to attend class with their child for as long as they feel appropriate. In either case, teachers work with the individual needs of each family to facilitate a nurturing transition to independent preschool.

In the Young Twos Investigators program, children engage in a wide range of investigations and play. With the support of their teachers, children use the materials of the preschool to investigate questions such as:

  • How does clay behave when you poke it? Wet it? Cut it with a wire?

  • What can you create using paint?

  • I wonder what happens when I squeeze, pound, or combine things together?

  • What can you do with a tube?

By year’s end children have developed relationships with their teachers and the other children. With skilled teachers to assist with negotiations, children begin the process of learning to take a turn, share resources, solve conflicts and help a friend.

The Young Twos Investigators program provides many opportunities for communication to help parents feel comfortable about and informed of their child’s development in school. The program starts with a Home Visit, during which your child’s teaching team visits your home and gets to know you and your child in his/her own environment. A couple of weeks into the school year, one of your child’s teachers will have a “check in” conversation with you to update on how your child is settling in to school. A few weeks later, you will have the first parent and teacher conference, with the second conference occurring in the early Spring. Of course, there is a daily exchange of updates at drop off and pick up times. In addition to in person conversations, the program includes newsletter emails highlighting the activities in the classroom. At the end of the year, your child’s teaching team also gives you a “portfolio” that documents your child’s year in school through photographs and stories about your child’s development and accomplishments. The portfolios are treasured by all WPSN families!

The Young Twos Investigators class is an ideal introduction for both parent and child to WPSN, its Reggio-Emilia inspired curriculum and the emphasis on play that is fundamental to preschool children.