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Younger Two's Investigators


Tuesday & Wednesday


Thursday & Friday 


Age: 2 years by August 31, 2024 * 

*(priority will be given to children who turn 2 between March 1 & August 31, 2024)

At WPSN we are acutely aware of the importance of a successful beginning at preschool. For this reason we start each school year with a home visit by both co-teachers to allow children to meet us first in a familiar and safe environment. Our gentle separation process allows for school visits, a near-by parent, if needed, and respects individual differences among children. During the first weeks of the school year the class time is shortened to give the children the opportunity to become familiar with their teachers, get to know the routine and build up the stamina required to negotiate a busy morning of play, inquiry and fun.


In the Younger Two's Investigators program children engage in a wide range of investigations and play. With the support of their teachers, children use the materials of the preschool to investigate questions such as:

  • How does clay behave when you poke it? Wet it? Cut it with a wire?

  • What can you create using paint?

  • I wonder what happens when I squeeze, pound, or combine things together?

  • What can you do with a tube?


By year’s end children have developed relationships with their teachers and the other children. With skilled teachers to assist with negotiations, children begin the process of learning to take a turn, share resources, solve conflicts and help a friend.

The Younger Two's Investigators class is an ideal introduction for both parent and child to WPSN, its Reggio-Emilia inspired curriculum, and the emphasis on play that is fundamental to preschool children.

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