Board of Trustees

Winnetka Public School Nursery


Officers of the Corporation

Chrissy Adams, Board President 

Anna Henerey, Director

Andrew Hwang, Vice President

Brooke Blum, Vice President

Jessica Cunnick, Secretary

Michael Amez, Finance

Additional Board of Trustee Members

Tricia Amez, New Family Liason

Susie Birdsell, Teacher Representative 

Amy Boehm, At Large Alumni

Virginia Cardoza, At Large Alumni

Lauren Dupont, Assistant Fundraising

Jessica Hoogland, Communications

Brooke Blum, Social

Patricia Miller, President ex Officio

Diana Moustoukas, Room Parent/Volunteers

Katie O'Connor, Parent Education

Chrissy Pelleriti, Fundraising

Lindsay Sharp, Assistant Finance

To contact the board, please email: