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Why Choose WPSN ?



WPSN is unique among North Shore preschools in many ways that benefit your child.

The difference is in the details.


We regularly and fearlessly examine and adapt our approach to meet the real needs of children and parents while protecting the essence of childhood for our toddlers, two, three, and four-year olds. Our faculty and staff are in tune with the latest research and have years of experience to draw on.


  • High teacher-to-student ratio

Each WPSN classroom is staffed with two credentialed teachers plus a teaching assistant, for a total of three teachers per class to provide expert and individual attention to each child.

  • Reggio-inspired, inquiry-based curriculum

We offer a hands-on, play-based curriculum with one important difference – it is individualized to each child’s developmental needs and interests. WPSN’s talented and experienced teachers modify curriculums every single day, based on the interests of each class.  This innovative teaching approach is highly effective in promoting cognitive development, because it utilizes materials and activities that the children truly care about. This approach encourages children to develop critical thinking skills, by asking and thinking about how the world works.  In particular, teachers utilize natural materials and loose parts that children are intuitively attracted to. These materials provoke wonder, support children's innate creativity, and encourage them to explore their worlds.

  • Home Visits / Gentle Transition 

Before the school year begins, your child's teachers will visit your home to meet your child in their families environment, and for parents to get to know the teachers. We invite parents to join us at orientation meetings to learn more about life at WPSN and meet the teachers. In the week before school starts our classrooms are open for families to explore together. We work with families to support each individual child's transition to school. The result is a happier transition for all. 

  • Documentation - Your Child's Learning Made Visible  

Parents receive weekly email classroom journals that document the learning happening in the classroom. The walls of the school are filled with examples of the children's thinking and inquiry. WPSN teachers create a customized annual portfolio for each child, which includes frequent photos and content highlighting your child’s accomplishments and learning. This documentation is designed to tell the story of the child, and is treasured by both children and families alike.

  • The Learning Environment

In addition to our beautiful classrooms we have a dedicated studio space which is designed to be engaging to all of our children. It is a space for small group work, and to explore new materials and ideas. We also have a movement space, which also includes a rock climbing wall and other materials to encourage children to move!


Our special teaching environments enable children to meaningfully engage with their play through carefully structured time, space and materials. WPSN students are learning social skills, critical thinking skills, self-reliance, and creativity while they play. They are also learning early math, science, and literacy concepts through play. Most importantly, they are developing a love of learning.

  • Exceptional outdoor space   

 Our Outdoor Learning Environment is equipped with water exploration equipment, a stage area, art and music activities, planting and digging areas, and plenty of room for healthy outdoor exercise with bikes, scooters, sleds, climbing structures, slides, and swings.


The Secret Garden is a special outdoor space designed to meet the unique needs of our youngest students.

  • Extended Day Options 

Specially designed to provide experiences and learning in addition to the primary curriculum. Separate Extended Day options are offered for children enrolled in our 3's and Junior Kindergarten programs. ​​

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