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Three's Collaborators

AM 3 Day Program


 Monday - Wednesday

8:45 -11:15am


Age: 3 years by August 31, 2024


AM 5 Day Program  

Monday - Friday

8:45 -11:15am


Age: 3 years by August 31, 2024

WPSN’s program for 3 year olds is called “Collaborators” because starting collaborative play is a key hallmark of this age group.  At this age, most children start to form relationships and move from parallel play to truly playing together.  The WPSN Threes Collaborators class is designed to maximize this developing social and emotional skill to nurture the key developmental milestones of this age group.

We start each school year with a home visit by both co-teachers to allow children to meet us first in a familiar and safe environment. Our gentle separation process allows for school visits, a near-by parent, if needed, and respects individual differences among children.

Great emphasis during this year is on becoming autonomous. There is nothing better than the feeling of doing something for yourself for the first time, be it putting on your jacket, washing your own hands or telling a classmate that you don’t like something that they are doing! We break down tasks into appropriate steps so that children can feel successful while they are growing. By modeling appropriate language and behavior we help them navigate their “3 year old world.”

While exploring the carefully planned environment designed to promote experience with science, music, movement, art, literature, imaginative and physical play we help children enter into play with each other, gradually building relationships and friendships. It is in these well-guided play experiences that children test ideas, emotions, try out different social roles, and develop a love of learning.

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