Rainbow Connection

If you are lucky enough to walk into the Sky Room at just the right time, you might witness our young 2's discover a rainbow on the floor. They might try to step on it or cover it only to have the rainbow appear on their shoe! Their eyes sparkle with wonder as they explore this magical colored light.

Recently a rainbow appeared above our backyard as it started lightly drizzling in the sunshine. Our whole family ran out (including the dogs!) and stood in awe at the double rainbow.

Spotting a rare rainbow in the sky is more likely in the spring, but you can also create a rainbow experience at home with your child. Try setting a prism or a glass of water in front of a window and watch as the light shines through it. You can even play around with spraying the hose on a sunny day. Whether you create a rainbow or witness a naturally-occuring one, rainbows are fascinating to young children.

Questions to ponder with your child:

What colors do you see?

Where do rainbows come from?

How is a rainbow made?

What shape is a rainbow?

Can you touch a rainbow?

Watch this video of Ms. Emilee's read aloud and explore making your own rainbow with markers, paper towels and water.

Listen to this read aloud of Full Color by Etienne Delessert.

Then explore how colors blend to make new colors with watercolor paint.

What other ways can you explore rainbow colors?

~Christine Buti, AM 2’s Investigators Co-Teacher

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