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Playing with shadows

Updated: Apr 25

Now that we are seeing more sunshine we have been noticing shadows everywhere!

What do you think makes shadows happen? Can you see your shadow every day?

Go on a shadow hunt

Can you find any surprising shadows? Can you tell what is making the shadow? Can you see your own shadow? Can you make your own shadow do different things?

Can you create a shadow picture?

Design a shadow picture on a wall or on the sidewalk - Look for objects that create interesting shadows. Try creating your own buildings to put in your shadow picture using blocks, or empty cereal boxes.

When you have made a shadow picture, snap a photo and tell a story about the picture. Ask someone to write it down so you can share it with others.

Make a shadow puppet

You can make a shadow puppet out of paper, foil, recycled materials, or even your hands! Use your imagination and create a special character. Use your puppet to put on a puppet show.

Looking for more inspiration?


The Mischievous Space Ship

Bear Shadow by Frank Asch (Read by WPSN's Emilee Wolfe

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