Birds of a Feather

Updated: Apr 27

Our family has been doing a lot more bird-watching these days. We have enjoyed throwing a handful of seeds out and seeing which birds will come. We have seen amazing colors and patterns on these feathered friends.

We hung a bird house the kids had painted and within hours, sparrows had claimed it and begun their work building a nest within, busily chirping and fluttering in and out of the tiny hole with various nest-making materials. A few days later, we noticed a robin visiting our hanging shed light again and again and discovered she was also making a nest!

Watching birds has brought a lot of joy to our family this spring. Perhaps you can take a bird-watching walk with your family, or sprinkle some seeds in your yard to welcome these beautiful visitors. This time of year is especially fun to look for the nests. You may like to extend the bird-watching experience by trying some of the ideas below:

Questions to ponder with your child:

Why are birds so busy in the spring?

How do the birds work together?

Why do birds make their nests in certain places?

How do birds make nests?

Why are birds different colors? Do male/female birds of the same kind look the same?

Watch this video to look closely at a real nest.

Make a nest

Gather thin twigs, sticks, leaves, and feathers outside. Have your child explore building a nest using clay, playdough, or mud.

Listen to a story: Birds Make Nests by Michael Garland

Enjoy More Stories:

An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Aston

Mama Built a Little Nest by Jennifer Ward

Owl Babies By Martin Waddell

Watch a live nest cam:

Evanston Peregrine Falcon Watch Cam

Decorah Bald Eagle Cam

Additional Resources

Mystery Science- Why do birds lay eggs in the spring?

Children are naturally drawn to animals- their colors, behaviors and sounds. We may not be able to travel to zoos or nature centers, but we have the opportunity to observe these incredibly intelligent, loyal and crafty creatures in our very own neighborhood.

~Christine Buti, AM 2’s Investigators Co-Teacher

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